i checked ur inter profile today

i remembered you wrote a song for me , talked with me and played the piano to me and so on

it was really cool for me when i was 17 years old

you know what in that time

you just thought we could be good friend,but i quit.

i told you i don’t want to be ur friend anymore

and you finally deleted me

you said good luck , hope i have a nice plan in my life and so on

and goodbye

i thought i made a good choose,but maybe i wrong.

i want to say  sorry to you 

yeah,really sorry.

another way (maybe ;)

another way (maybe ;)


i don’t wanna jump into that hole again
it is really too much painful
happens once and hurts once
i look up people,have they know what i real feel ?

many people say if it means it,it will exist
i can see ,feel it and it will never happen for me at this time
i don’t care what people say that things about me is good or bad
if they disagree me,then i will go without saying anything

Yep! I am  so   damn WITH it….hahahahahaha— ——

Yep! I am  so   damn WITH it….hahahahahaha— ——

so beautiful..

so beautiful..

Something is good.

Something is good.

hiityu said: hello




tienyeol said: Do u want to have boyfriend now?

Do you think i still have a boyfriend now?
Actually….I really don’t know…

Do you love me?

z0oz0o said: Because I love Taiwan.

Really?:)) so glad to hear that^^ <33

z0oz0o said: I found you on interpals. :) Also, you are very pretty, and live in Taiwan (I think). I am jealous. :)

Thank you soo much:))) <3
And yes,I live in Taiwan!Why you jealous me?xD

Sometimes we are broken,and we don&#8217;t know why..I really don&#8217;t know,but I don&#8217;t care actually..
I just don&#8217;t care.:)

Sometimes we are broken,and we don’t know why..

I really don’t know,but I don’t care actually..

I just don’t care.:)

Anonymous said: you're so beautiful, I want to cry

Awwhh,thank you soo much<33

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